Jace Jefferson was born with the biggest heart and loved baseball. He was a hero to many. He was a son, brother, grandson, great-grandson, cousin, nephew, and a friend. He never met a stranger and was loved by any kid he came in contact with. He was an idle on the baseball field and has left a huge legacy in the Central Texas Community.

Jace was the child that bought every kid in the concession stand line a pickle if they didn’t have the money. He was always the one inviting half the team to stay the night before the first game in the tournament was over. He shared his pickle seeds, gum, and talent with every child in the dugout! He even spent many nights practicing softball with his sister. He made sure she loved the game and knew how to play! No practice or game went by that he wasn’t on the field warming her up. The bond he shared with his sister would make your heart melt!

In May of 2015 he started having headaches that became migraines and wouldn’t allow him to get out of bed. In June 2015 he was admitted to the hospital to find out that he had a brain tumor. It was immediately discovered to be in an inoperable location and he was airlifted to Houston Texas Children’s Hospital. They biopsied the tumor and quickly put in a shunt to relieve pressure. He was discharged 8 days later and played catch that Saturday at baseball tryouts. He was a fighter! At the end of July he returned to Houston for 9 weeks of radiation in hopes to shrink the tumor. Unfortunately if never shrank, but he lived a great 15 months of happiness and with a never-give-up attitude. He returned to school and the field. Jace always reassured his family that he was going to be fine. He was a Christian and loved the Lord. In October 2016 Jace took a turn for the worse and was wheelchair bound. His right side gave out on him and we went to Austin for a second option. Dell Children’s Hospital was amazing and quickly knew he needed help. After a long 16 hour surgery our sweet boy never regained strength to wake up. He went to be with the Lord on November 11, 2016. Our Hero passed on Veteran’s Day. He had won his war with glioblastoma brain cancer.

We miss him terribly. His love and compassion will live on in this scholarship. Our hopes are to keep Jace’s legacy very alive by helping students attend college. Jace’s baseball number was 21.  Many donors have chosen to pay $21 a month to fund this scholarship in honor of this amazing young man.  Jace’s giving heart will continue to live in this foundation!