Useful Links

These are some websites that students might find useful:


  • Questions about the FAFSA are explained here along with directions about how to complete the form for federal grants.
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – Complete your FAFSA before you complete your TC Foundation Scholarship Application
  • Temple College – Learn more about TC
  • University Courtyard Apartments – Housing for TC students
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill – Information on the Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • New GI Bill – More useful information for veterans using educational benefits, including a benefits calculator
  • Weird Scholarships – 32 weird scholarships that anyone can apply for!
  • City of Temple – City departments, services and employment, tourist and relocation information, with recent news and upcoming activities
  • Chamber of Commerce – Provides a venue where business owners, leaders and managers can Connect, Learn, and Grow.  Have a business?  Make sure you’re a member.
  • Workforce Texas – TWC is a governmental agency in the state of Texas that provides unemployment benefits and services related to employment to eligible individuals and businesses.  Looking for a job?  Go to their website and find local postings.
  • The Entrepreneur Center of Central Texas – Got a great business idea, talk to someone and get advice about where to begin, how to avoid mistakes, and make the most money with your new business.
  • Open Education Database – Looking for online classes? This database list schools in Texas offering online classes. (Please note scholarships awarded through the Temple College Foundation cannot be used at an institution other than Temple College.)
  • Online Masters Programs – The portal is useful for those considering graduate level studies, as well as enrolled grad students who are looking for additional ways to alleviate their educational costs. OnlineMastersPrograms has been shared by numerous educational organizations and institutions; all of the resources on the site are free to use.
  • College Affordability Guide – Our mission is to bring together disparate bodies of data to produce a more holistic (but also focused) view of which colleges are likely to be the best value for the money. We end up with one number, an Affordability Score, with two main parts, a “Getting In” score and a “Getting Out” score.
  • 6 Tips to Get You Mentally Prepared for College – This post from Front Range Community College provides an insight into the mindset an incoming student should have about going to college.
  • Loan Calculator – If you are considering loans to pay for school, or for anything for that matter, this calculator can help you decide how much you can afford each month. 

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