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The Temple College Foundation seeks to motivate, encourage and reward successful academic endeavors. Our donors have invested their personal wealth to assist students in meeting their goals. Our responsibility to our donors is to ensure that their dollars are going towards investments in successful students. Therefore, all scholarship funds will be distributed after the completion of the semester and when the students have completed all registered courses with no failing grades. This application will determine eligibility for each of the scholarships available through the Foundation. Scholarship recipients are selected according to the donor’s wishes, and will be notified of their award status in July. Any student receiving an award will be eligible for a Leopard Loan in order to help pay for tuition and books. The loan must be repaid out of personal funds if the student doesn’t complete all registered classes with all passing grades.

Scholarship Application for 2018-2019 is now open.  Be sure to submit before the April 1 deadline at midnight.