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Temple College Foundation Fall Newsletter

Spotlight on Leopards:

Benito Costilla planned on going to Texas A&M and studying aerospace engineering. It is still his dream to attend Texas A&M, but he was unable to pursue it out of high school due to the financial burden. He began to look for other education options and one of those was Temple College. When he came to campus to register he visited with financial aid about scholarships, and they sent him to the Foundation.

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Where are they now? Alumni Spotlight:

Victoria Bryant is a Temple native. She joined the military after high school, and when she completed her service, she was a single mother looking for something to grow her. She found it in Temple College (TC). She began attending classes at TC in 1996 as a marketing major. She was a part of the Single Parents Displaced Homemakers.  Here she found out how to express herself, how to manage her time, and how best to multitask.

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Message from the Executive Director:

When I was beginning my career in education, I didn’t know what subject I wanted to teach, what level I loved, or even what kind of teaching style I had.  I just knew that work in this field would allow me the opportunity to change the world – or at least one piece of it.  And as I worked my way through elementary, middle and high school classrooms, I saw my students make tremendous academic, social, and emotional strides.  I was able to impact their world.  The move to educational administration allowed me to work with even more students, and from a position of policy, procedure and culture.  I was able to put systems in place that could influence their world.

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Upcoming Events:

28th Annual Golf Tournament September 15, 2014

Faculty Voice Recital September 21, 2014

Budget Seminar September 26, 2014

Temple College Board of Trustees Meeting September 29, 2014

Low Brow High Tea

Kings (& Queens) of Cuisine October 18, 2014

Temple College Board of Trustees Meeting October 20, 2014

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Foundation Focus Topics:

Campus Tutoring
Budget Skills
Crisis Intervention and Leopard Loans
PTK, Leadership, Volunteering
Things to Do in Temple, Fall Festival
What’s Next?
Technology For Studying
Bridging the Cultural Gap between Home and School
Holiday Stress Management
Time and Money Management

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Leopard Legacies:

The Foundation would like to recognize those who have passed and honor their memory. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families as they grieve for their loved ones.

H.C. Farrell—Dean Emeritus, Temple College

Anthony “Tony” Chudej—Temple College Police Officer, Retired

Virginia Ann Frazier—Faculty Emeritus, Temple College

Lee Dixon—Spouse of Temple College Police Officer Mary Dixon

Did you know?

Did you know there was a book share program on Temple College Campus?

The Book Share program collects donated used textbooks, then those text books can be rented out for free for those who can’t afford books.

If you have a bunch of used textbooks laying around, donate them by contact the book share on Facebook here, or emailing templebookshare@gmail.com