Message From the Executive Director

When I was beginning my career in education, I didn’t know what subject I wanted to teach, what level I loved, or even what kind of teaching style I had. I just knew that work in this field would allow me the opportunity to change the world – or at least one piece of it. And as I worked my way through elementary, middle and high school classrooms, I saw my students make tremendous academic, social, and emotional strides. I was able to impact their world. The move to educational administration allowed me to work with even more students, and from a position of policy, procedure and culture. I was able to put systems in place that could influence their world. So, becoming a professor and having the ability to affect the next generation of teachers seemed like the ultimate opportunity to positively affect change.

But it wasn’t until I came to work at the Temple College Foundation that I found the ability to really pursue my calling. By providing opportunity for people who are seeking to move themselves ahead, I’ve found the mechanism for change that has the ability to go beyond the individual student, beyond the classroom, and even beyond the campus. Our mission allows us to touch families and our entire community. While I know I’m in the business of education, it is really more a function of economic development. Look at the statistics. What other “program” takes people from welfare to workforce in two years? How else can our city grow and prosper than by fortifying families. Not only are we financially shoring up our community, we’re also nurturing entire families: removing the stress of poverty, giving them the stability to parent with conscientious attentiveness. Whether it’s a Leopard Loan, a scholarship, advice received at a meeting, information gleaned at a seminar, a job lead, an internship, or just knowing where to turn for help, our students take advantage of the services we offer and shout from the graduation stage that they have changed their lives. And that’s the confirmation I need to assure myself that I too have changed my piece of the universe.

But I’m not alone over here. Our staff is made up of people who try to shift the earth on its axis, our board members have made history with their heroic acts, and our supporters, those companies, families, and individuals who have invested their fortune in this endeavor, they are the ones who get to take credit for the stars that shine in the Temple College sky. Every student who has been touched by the Foundation bears the brand of someone who went before them and said, the next generation matters, these lives have value, this town is vital, this world is worth saving. If you haven’t yet discovered your way to help, or want to do more, come join us, we’re a powerful force. And like me, you will find that by changing someone else’s world, yours is made more glorious too.