Foundation Focus




Foundation Focus happens on the first day of each school week. Each week we have a different table topic. The purpose of these table topics is to help make student’s lives better by providing vital information to surviving and doing well in college.

Topics range from stress management to reminding students of important dates such as registration or scholarship deadlines.

The Foundation is here to serve students, and to keep them in school. It is our goal to not only help students financially but to help make students the best they can be.

Topics and Dates:

8-Sep-14 Campus Tutoring
22-Sep-14 Budget Skills
29-Sep-14 Leaopard Loans/Crisis Intervention
6-Oct-14 PTK/ Leadership / Volunteering
13-Oct-14 Things to do in Temple / Fall Festival
20-Oct-14 What’s Next?
27-Oct-14 Technology for studying
3-Nov-14 Conflict/ Bridging the Cultural Gap between Home and School
10-Nov-14 Holiday Stress Mgmt
17-Nov-14 Time Management/ Money Management


If you would like more information or have a suggestion for future table topics please contact send and email to