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Jennifer Graham
Jennifer GrahamExecutive Director

Some of my highlights

My Favorite Projects
The Foundation is able to assist students by helping them help themselves.  Scholarships come with the honor and responsibility of expressing gratitude and engaging with those who helped them out.  Free seminars are a way to give students additional skills and information and encouraging their continuing development.  Leopard loans ensure that a single crisis doesn’t derail an academic career.  We may not be able to help everybody, but we sure can help those who are willing to help themselves!
  • Longtime Teacher/Administrator (k-12)
  • Adjunct Professor (Special Education)
  • Community Connector (Parks, Employment, Service)

The Highest Accomplishment
There are people out there who are better because of something I did or said.  It may be the student that I walked through a difficult consequence and helped them get to the redemption side of poor choices.  It may be the person who needed someone to notice them, and develop their talent, it may be someone who was looking for direction and found a path.  I have saved every card, letter, scribbled note, and picture that anyone has given me indicating that I made a difference.  Those are my badges of honor, the reward, and trophies I proudly display.
My Work Process
Roll up your sleeves and get busy.  If I don’t know how to do it, I’ll find someone who can or learn it myself.  We have a responsibility to constantly improve and I will seek out opportunities for excellence.  Our team is fueled by passion for our mission, a strong skill set, and a can-do attitude.
Off Topic Favorite Things to Do
Send me somewhere!  I’m a traveler who has explored the globe and wants to keep finding new places and revisiting favorites.  I’d like to return to Bali, the Philippines, New Zealand, Finland, South Africa and Norway with my husband. Antarctica is on my bucket list.  I will never tire of sitting on European trains with a baguette and a heffeweizen and watching the landscapes unfold.  I prefer off-the-beaten-track locations, and am a perfect candidate for service-oriented vacations.  Given a kayak, a camera, a paintbrush and a bike, I feel like I could learn the world.  I need to read, and I love to write.

  • Window Jumper (Given a window of opportunity, I’ll jump!)
  • Fire Starter (Passion and enthusiasm are the flames I fan)
  • Bridge Builder (Humanity is about creating connections)